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Past Simple & Past Continuous THEORY and ACTIVITIES.

We use the Past Simple to talk about finished actions in the Past:
– We visited our grandparents last weekend.
We use the Past Continuous to talk about an activity in progress in a particular moment in the Past:
– Last Saturday at 10.00 pm we were visiting our grandparents.
We can use both tenses, Past Simple and Past Continuous, in the same sentence, and here we will find that something suddenly happens when an activity is in process:
– We were waiting for the bus, when the accident happened.
(Estábamos esperando el autobús, cuando ocurrió el accidente.)
– When my mother arrived, I was watching TV.
(Cuando mi madre llegó, estaba viendo la tele).
– The students were speaking, when the teacher came in.
(Los alumnos estaban hablando, cuando el profesor entró).

If you want to learn more about Past Tenses Structures, please click on the previous sections:

– Past Simple.

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