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2º ESO’s BEST Writing Activities 2012-2013


UNIT 9. Write a Report about advertising on TV, using statistic details.

Advertisements’ time, by Cristina Mota.

This report is about the time that Spanish TV channels show us advertisements. I have answers from the internet and some webpages.

The channel that show more advertisement during the day is “Cuatro”. It emits about three hous eighteen minutes of advertisements. After “Cuatro” comes “Telecinco” with three hous and eight minutes. The cannel that emits less advertisements is “La 1”. It only emits fifteen minutes of advertisements. La 1’s advertisements are only about itself. It doesn’t advertise products.

In conclusion, I think this information is interesting. The most surprising thing is that we sometimes see lots of advertisements but we continue seeing the channel.


Advertising, by María Roman

This report is about the opinion of people about advertising.

People like advertising because they laugh, they remember past moments. I have asked 10 friends about their favourite advertisement. Four of them say that they like advertisements about Coca Cola, because they are very creative, funny and original. Two of my friends say that they like advertisements about Fanta for its slogan “si te aburres mándalo a tomar fanta y diviértete”. Three of them say that they like advertisements about famous people but they didn’t know why. One of them says that he likes advertisements about families, because he remembers past moments and he enjoys it.

In conclusion, people like seeing advertising to have fun.


UNIT 8. Write a description of you habitat.

Description of Los Barrios, by Rafa Muñoz.

I live in a small village in a small country.

Most of the year it is sunny here, but sometimes it is also rainy. The climate is very good here, a lot of tourists visit my village in summer thanks to our wonderful weather. In winter, it is neither cold nor hot.

There is a small beach and also tropical jungles which are typical in this area because it rains a lot in the mountains. In the beach there were flamingos but now there aren’t because 50 years ago, two factories were built next to the beach and the flamingos emigrated to other place.

There is a river that separates the beach in two parts. Obviously, before the river was formed, they were only one beach. My village is popular thanks to the tropical jungles, because they are the lasts in Europe.

Luckily, I don’t like big cities. They are noise and a small village like mine is relaxed and I like to be relaxed.


My habitat, by Yasmin Zuliani.

I live in Andalusia, to be exact, in Cadiz. In Andalusia, it doesn’t rain so much. In summer it’s quite hot, around 30ºC, but unfortunately, it is very wet. Temperatures in summer are very high and sometimes the cause of many fires in the countryside, which is very sad. Fortunately, there are many beaches, rivers and lakes. Tourists come to our beaches all summers.

The most typical food that can be found in Andalusia is tortilla, which is an omelette with potatoe, paella with seafood or meat, olive oil, seafood and meat.

The Iberian lynx, the pig, eagle and the bull are the most common animals found in this area. Honestly, it’s a nice place which to live in, next to the forest and the many beaches, and added to that, we also have Sierra Nevada a short drive away!

The only thing I don’t like is the factories. They spoil all the surroundings with its smoke, smell and pollution.


UNIT 7. Write an opinion essay.

Going to university, by Marta Rubio.

Going to university is a really good idea for three main reasons.
I think that it is good because if you have a degree you have more possibilities to find a job. If you study a career, then you will have a very good job and you’ll have more knowledge than other people without studies.
I believe that if you study a foreign language, you can go abroad and you can visit other places and meet new people.
As well, if you go to university, you must learn to be in contact with your flatmates because you have to divide up home’s common zones (living-room, bathroom, etc) and you must respect the timetable.
In my opinion, it is a really good idea because you’ll be more educated and you will learn many things about life such as independence, responsibility and to be a good person.

Going to university, by Sergio Relinque.

Going to university is a really good idea for three main reasons:
In my opinion, if you go to university, you will learn a lot about certain subjects. You get a good education so it’s easier to find a job. You meet a lot of people and you learn to be more independent as well. Students that go to university learn more about life.
I think that it’s a good experience for everyone, so if you can, you should take the opportunity and go there. It’s also a good possibility to live far from your parents and share a flat with friends.
Finally, there are a lot of careers to choose, such as medicine, law, architecture and so on. Choose the right one for you and go for it.


UNIT 6. Write a reply letter to Amanda telling her about your house and what you do at home.

Student’s Address
Tuesday, 5th March 2013
Dear Amanda,
Thank you for your letter. My name is Mario, I am 13 years old and I live in Los Barrios, Cádiz, a little village near Algeciras. The weather here is nice and in summer time we always go to the beach.
I live in a yellow house with my parents, Jose A. and Paula, and my brother George.
Our house isn’t particularly big. As you get into, there is the hall and the living room, then the kitchen and the toilet.
Upstairs, there are my room, George’s room, my parents’ room and the bathroom. I have my own room. If I shared it with my brother, I would get crazy! I like the garage, because we have more space to play some sports. Apart form this, in summer time our garage is very cool. I don’t like my garden because it is very small. If it were bigger, I would have a pet.
I like playing Xbox 360 games, watching films and staying with my friends at home.
See you soon,
Student’s Address
5th March
Hi Amanda,
Thank you for your letter, I’m really glad. My name is Miguel Ángel, although they call me Migue. I’m 13 years old, and I live in Los Barrios, a small town in the south of Spain. It is quite near to the beach.
I live with my parents and my grandmother, but mainly with my mother, my father only comes at the weekends. He lives in Madrid with my sister, if I could, I would live there. I have got a turtle, its name is Manoli, I love it so much. If I were her, I would prefer living in a bigger place, but I think Manoli is happy living with me. Manoli has been with me for about 6 years. My house is extremely big for us I think. It has two floors and a garage. There is a big garden, where I play with my friends. I like living here because htere are a lot of bedrooms, and I can choose where I’m going to sleep, it’s really funny. I don’t like the living room, it is very cold there.
When I am at home I love watching TV because my TV is very big. I also like spending time in my bedroom playing the piano or drawing.
Kisses and hughs,
Miguel Ángel


UNIT 5. Make predictions about the future. Write a text about the year 2050 and these aspects: school, free time and entertainment.

I think that in 2050 schools will be better and more organized. In our free time we will probably do a lot of travels to so far places in one day. Respect to the entertainment I think that we will do similar sports but with a robot and we will play new games online with friends that live so far.

On the one hand, school will be better because we can study with videophones, we will have digital books, and we will learn the lessons from our house.

In our free time, we will travel to the moon, we will have flying cars and we will probably play with our friends in the sky or flying. Most of the games will be in a computer or in a smartphone.

In the entertainment we will play with advanced consoles. We will probably buy all our clothes online and our clotes will be light and very useful for every situation. We will go to Digital Park.

On the other hand, if we don’t go to school, some people will skip school. There will be some subjects like physical education that we can’t do from our house.

In the future we will lose a lot of sports and a lot of games. People will become addict to mobile phones.

We will become fat. We might go all dressed in the same way and you wouldn’t have our own personality. If we go to a digital park, we won’t have real trees so we can’t breathe oxygen. We will breathe a new artificial substance that doesn’t need the trees to be created.

In conclusion, the world will be better, it will be more comfortable but we will have worst social relations. In 2050 all will change so we can’t know how it will be. All of these are predictions.

By Cristina Mota


 I think that the year 2050 will probably be a good year because technology will be more advanced. However, I am sure there will be new problems to solve.

On the one hand, students will work at home with computers and there will be teachers who can contact the students. There will be more machines that will do the work for us, so we will probably have an easier life.

On the other hand, children will spend their free time playing at home with computer games. They will not practise so many sports so there will be more health problems. As children will be at home, they will not have so many friends, they will not have a social life.

In conclusion, we might have some serious problems and people will not have to do housework.

By Sergio Relinque


UNIT 4. Write an informal letter to a friend telling him/her your plans for next summer. Use the structures: going to and present continuous for future.

15th January

Hi Sofia!

How are you? I’m very excited because next summer I’m going to go to Madrid to visit my cousin Montse. I’m going with my family.

I’m going in June the first week. When we arrive there, we’re going to go to the hotel and then we’re visiting “El museo del Prado”, and after that we’re going to have dinner at a restaurant in the centre. On the second day, we’re visiting all the famous places in Madrid and in the afternoon, we’re going to go to the zoo. On the third day, in the afternoon, my family and I are going to arrive to my house here in Los Barrios.

If you want to come with me you can.

When are you going to meet? I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

Lots of kisses,

Minerva Moreno


15th January

Dear Jose Luis,

Hi, I’m writing to you because I want you to come with me for the next summer to a summer camp.

We’re going to spend a great time there, we will go trekking to honney’s river in Algeciras, Cádiz. We’ll go canoeing to Palmones river. On the second day we’re going to go to Bolonia to see the ruins of Baelo Claudia and then, we will swim in the beach.

We’re staying in a summer camp in San Roque. We’re doing a lot of trips in this summer camp. We can taste lots of different   food, for instance, salmorejo or pan tumaca.

It can be amazing!

Have you got any plans for the next summer?

Good bye,

Pablo Rosano



An interview to Adele. By Cristina Mota

I: Today I am going to interview Adele. Thanks so much Adele for coming. Well, we are going to start.

A: Ok, I am ready.

I: First of all, how long have you started to sing songs?

A: I started to sing when I was eight. The first song I sang was Rise, I sang this song at school.

I: Secondly, when was your first tour?

A: My first tour was in 2008. It was around North America.

I: Next, have you sung with a famous singer?

A: Yes, I have. I have sung with Leona Lewis.

I: Have you recorded your fourth album yet?

A: No, I haven’t, but I want to record a new album in 2013.

I: Finally, have you ever been in a band?

A: No, I haven’t. I like to be a solo singer.

I: This is all. Thank you so much.

A: Your welcome, it has been an interesting interview.


An interview to Bruno Mars. By Rafa Martínez

I: Hello! This is Music Vip Edition, and today we are here with the famous singer, Bruno Mars, who has hits like “The lazy song”, “Billionaire”, “Just the way you are”, etc. So Bruno, how long have you listened to music?

BM: Well, the first time I listened to music was when I was eight, so I guess that I’ve been a music fan since I was eight.

I: When was the first time that you  have played in a concert?

BM: I think when I was 12, but I am not really sure.

I: Have you played with Flo Rida yet?

BM: No, we’ve just played with Lil Wayne in the USA.

I: Have you recorded any albums yet?

BM: Yes, I’ve already recorded two albums.

I: And finally, what future plans do you have?

BM: Well, in December, I’m going to record a new album with very good songs!


UNIT 2. Write a text about your sport hero.

Eugenia Kanaeva, by Irene González.

I want to write about Eugenia Kanaeva because she is the best gymnast in the world.

Eugenia Olegovna Kanaeva was born in Omsk (Russia) in 1990. Kanaeva is a professional gymnast, her coach is Vera Shtelbaums. She has got a lot of experience, as everyone knows.

Kanaeva has participated in some of the world’s greatest competitions. She’s participated in the Olympic Games twice and she has won twice. She was The World Champion seventeen times and The Europe Champios thirteen times.

Kanaeva is the best gymnast in the world at the moment. She loves rhythmic gymnastics. She works very hard everyday to be a champion, and that’s why she’s my sporting hero.


Yohan Blake, by Diego Ruiz.

I’m writing about Yohan Blake because he’s my sporting hero.

Yohan Blake was  born in Parroquia de Sant James, Jamaica, in 1989. He’s a professional runner. He’s young but he has a lot of experience in trials and Olympic Games. He was accused of drug taking but now he is “clear”. His nickname is “The Beast”.

He has won five Olympic medals, and some championships like Daegu.

His speciality is 100 and 200 metres. He participated in Pekin 2006 in his junior stage.

He’s an example of effort and self-improvement, so he has been an icon in most of countries like his native country, Jamaica.


UNIT 1. Write a Postcard.

28th September
Dear mum and dad,
I’m having a good time! The Military academy is very hard. We run a lot and we have 200 pushups every day.
I met three cabin mates. Their names are Pedro, Pablo and Adrian. I met Pedro in a nightculb. Pedro is very friendly and cheerful. I met Pablo in a basketball match, he was from the opposing team and I was his rival. He is honest but he is very mean. And I met Adrian in the entrance tests of the military academy. He is very patient and optimistic. We are good friends and every morning we run together.
I’ll write again soon.
Lots of love,
Javier Salazar. 
9th October
Dear mum and dad,
I’m having a good time here, in Miami. It’s really wonderful, the weather is sunny and the beach is incredible!
Today I have been to the beach for a sunbath and a good swim.
Tomorrow I’ll go to a rock concert near my house. We were singing and dancing all the night, it was really cool!
Yesterday, I saw Lebron James at the Miami Heat’s Stadium! Lebron’s a famous basketball player, it was incredible!
I also went to the NBA’s store and bought a Miami Heat’s t-shirt.
All right, I’ll see you soon.
Jorge Muñoz