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1º ESO’s BEST Writing Activities 2011-2012



UNIT 9. “How I’ve changed”. Write about the changes you have experienced this year. Talk about your school, appearance, friends, and personality.

Hello, I’m a girl called María and I’m going to tell you how I’ve changed.

This year, a lot of things have changed in my life, like school. It was difficult at first but now I prefer Highschool, it is funnier than primary school.

Other things that I’ve changed are friends. This year, I miss a lot of friends, but I have met a lot of new friends. I have never thought I could miss friends that I met since I was six years old.

My appearance hasn’t changed, because I like the way I am.

In conclusion, there are things that have changed for better, but there are things that haven’t changed because they are ok as they are.

By María Gómez Cabral


Lots of things have changed in my life. I have changed school, I have moved house, etc., but my life is still good.

My highschool’s name is IES Carlos Cano. I’ve made a lot of new friends and at highschool I’ve found my first girlfriend. This year I have a lot of new subjects, and we have to study more. I’ve entered in the bilingual class and most of the subjects are in English!

In my new class, I have made a lot of new friends that I had never met before, and that isn’t all, I’ve made friends of other classes.

Last year I have longer hair, but this year I’ve cut it. I also wear different clothes. I like to wear caps.

In conclusion, my life has changed a lot, and now I like it more.

By Juan Antonio Herrera


UNIT 8. Write a FORMAL LETTER to a newspaper. You represent a group that disagree with a company who wants to destroy a park in your village to build a motorway.


19 Las Rosas Street
2nd May 2012
Viva’s newspaper
Ancha Street
Dear Sir,
I represent a group called ” Green People”. I am writing to you because we hear that the local council is going to close the best park of our town and you will sell the land to build a motorway.
In our opinion, the motorway is not as important as the park because more or less all the children of the town come to the park to play and have a great time, and there are a lot of motorways near the town.
On Monday we are going to organize a protest, so we will make some wristbands and some posters, and we are going to collect signatures. We hope that you will support us and do not sell the land to buy a motorway.
Yours faithfully,
Juan Antonio Herrera


9 Los Enebros
2nd May 2012
Los Barrios’s council
Plaza de la Iglesia
Los Barrios
Dear Sir or Madam,
I represent a group called “Students Against Bad Buildings”. I am writing to you because the local council is going to close a park and build a new motorway. If you can stop it, we will appreciate it.
In our opinion, a motorway can damage the environment because there will be more smoke on the road and lots of children walk in the surrounding areas. Anyway, a park is always better for children and young people who play on it.
I am thinking about having a meeting with my group to organize a demonstration in the park with banners and signs. We hope that you will support us and publicize it.
Yours faithfully,
Mario Muñoz


UNIT 7. Write an INFORMAL LETTER to a friend telling him/her what you are going to do next summer. Don’t forget to use the future structures: “Going to” and the Present Continuous with future meaning.

Los Barrios
9th April 2012
Hi Cris!
How are you? I’m looking forward to seeing you. Is your family well? I’m writing to invite you to come with me and Mar to my apartment in Tarifa!
We are going to spend 2 weeks in my apartment near the beach, there the water is fantastic! My sister doesn’t want to go because she says that the water is very cold, but I like it! I like going there with you and Mar! We are going to go next week, and there we are going to go out at nights and we are eating fish at the restaurant. I’m very excited about this!
I hope that you can come with me. If you come, we’ll have a good time. I hope you write to me back, saying “yes” to my offer!
Best regards,

Minerva Moreno


Los Barrios
9th July
Hi Paco,
I’m writing a letter because I want to ask you if you can come with me next summer to Lisboa, Portugal. There, we can go to the beach and to the swimming pool of the hotel.
I’m going to stay in a beautiful hotel of four stars for a week. It’s near the beach, too. We are going with my parents and my sister. We are going to travel by train and there, when we arrive, we’re going to a restaurant in the evening. The next day we are going to the sports centre.
If you want to go with us, phone me!

Pablo Rosano


UNIT 6: Write a “Story to remember”. Use past simple and continuous, (opinion adjective + fact adjective + noun) and 3 paragraphs to organise your information.

My day a the amusement park. (by Mario Muñoz Torres)
Last month we went to the amusent park “Magic Island”. It was something horrible! We arrived at Seville at 8.00 am and had breakfast in a restaurant.
When we were sitting, the waiter came to our table, and said to us: Would you like the day menu? My mum said: Yes, please.
When the waiter brought me the incredible delicious day menu, I realized that it wasn’t very delicious.
In the plate it was only a mini toast with a worm inside and a glass of milk with a dead fly floating on it!
When we finished our terrible small breakfast we arrived at Magic Island.
Withing all the attractions, there was one called “Anaconda”, which consists of a sort of train riding over water and had a slope of approximately twenty-five metres. When we were going down the slope, I fell into the water and I had to swim to get out.
That day had a really strange bad begining, but had an amazing fantastic end.
A bad holidays in Holland. (by Mar Gómez)
Last summer we did tourism to Holland, with my family. It has been one of the most horrible travels we have done. First, we had to sleep in the airport until two o’clock. The trip wasn’t too bad, and once we arrived at the airport of Holland, we went to the hotel. The weather was very bad.
Everyday it was raining. One day started a horrible windy storm. In the night, we wanted to go to the hotel to sleep in our wonderful big room, but our car didn’t start. We had to go to a close bar under the rain, where we could get warm. We rang a taxi and a crane, and when they arrived, we went into the taxi and the crane caught the car. While the hotel was changing our beautiful black car we went to the room to rest and relax. The last day we had a little better luck. The weather of the day was better, but the awful dark sky lasted. It was not raining and so, we could go to see the fantastic big Euratom. It was great!
We love holidays, but our feeling wasn’t so good this time. I think we all want to repeat a travel to forget the stress that we got in the trip. Dad says that this year we will travel only in days with big sun spots on TV: no rain, no wind, and no car please!


UNIT 5: Write about a Legend, a person who did something important in the past and for that he/she is remembered nowadays.

MICHAEL JACKSON by Yasmin Zuliani.

Michael Jackson was born on the 29th August, 1958 in Indiana. He started singing when he was very young in a group called The Jackson 5 with his brothers. They became very popular.
In 1971 Michel began his solo career. His music and his dances were famous all over the world, specially the Moon Walk. One of his most famous songs was Thriller. Michael was very kind because he cared a lot for the poor and gave lots of money so they could have food and medicine.
He died on the 25th June, 2009. His fans were shocked and very sad, especially my mother.



He was the best basketball player in the NBA from 1984 to 2003. He was born on the 17th February, 1963 in New York. He lived in Wimington, North Carolina. When he was at high school he played basketball, baseball and American football, but he only played seriously basketball, because the other sports weren’t easy for him.
His average score was 30,12 pts during his entire career. He played fourteen times the All-Star Game, he was five times MVP of the season, he had two Olympic medals, he was the best defender of the year and the rookie of the year.
He retired twice: the fist time his father died, so he retired from basketball and started playing baseball, because his father played baseball. After a short time, Michael came to basketball and when he was old for basketball he retired for ever.


UNIT 4: Write a postcard from a foreign city.

Dear Rebecca,
I am in New York. I’m having a really good weekend here. First, I visited the Statue of Liberty. Then, I went by bus to Central Park. This morning I went shopping and I bought lots of things and I got something special for you!
I’ve taken hundreds of photos.
I wish you were here.
Big kiss,
Yasmin Zuliani
Dear Jorge,
We’re having a fantastic time in Paris! It is a very fascinating and interesting city.
First of all, we arrived in the hotel on Friday morning and, after going for a little walk, we had a rest, because we were very tired.
We went to the Eiffel Tower on Saturday, ate some food and then we looked at the city from the river Seine on the “Bateaux Mouches”. Finally, we went to Disneyland on Sunday, rode in all the atractions and came back to Paris after dinner.
We spent the best days of our life!!!
See you soon.
Mario Muñoz Torres


Unit 3. Write a report.

The best singers in the world, by Juan Antonio Herrera.

This report is about the most popular singers for students. I have the answers from my best friends and I also have answers from other friends.

The best singer for boys is Usher. They like Pitbull and Rihanna too, but a bit less. For girls the best singer is Enrique Iglesias. They also like Usher and Jennifer Lopez. Pitbull isn’t as good for girls as he is for boys.

In conclusion, I think this information is interesting. The most surprising thing is that boys and girls like more or less the same type of music.


The most popular TV programmes, by María Gómez Cabral.

This report is about the most popular programmes for children, women and men.

The coolest programmes for children are cartoons. The coolest programmes for women are the news, women also like quiz shows and cookery programmes. The coolest progammes for men are sports programmes and the news with a 30%.

In my opinion everybody likes watching TV, and we sometimes watch what other people like.


UNIT 2. Write an email.

Dear Miguel,
How are you? I am writing this email because I want to tell you my holidays. I’m staying in a room of a hotel and now I am writing what I’m doing in Scotland. I like the monuments, the small castles and the parks but I don’t like the big castles because they are very tiring, although all of them are very beautiful. I’m going to stay here one week and this is the third day.
Here they use to eat a lot of ice cream, fish and chips and hamburguers. The weather is cloudy and rainy but sometimes it is sunny. I’m lucky because this week is going to be sunny. Here there are a lot of lakes and we visit the Ness Lake with its monster Nessy.
What are you doing in this moment?
Write to me soon and many kisses for you.
Cristina Mota Bernal 1º D
Dear Jorge,
Hi brother! I’m writing you this email from my mobile phone because mum, dad and I are in the Picasso’s museum. I am sorry that you had to stay at home because you are ill.
The museum is very interesting and you can do some activities like painting your own portrait by using a mirror in front of you.
At the moment we are watching a picture and a guide is giving us an explanation about it.
The guided visit and the painting activities are very cool but what I don’t like is that you may get dirty with markers.
What are you doing now? Are you watching TV or going on the internet?
Send me an email and tell me what you are doing!
By Mario Muñoz Torres, 1º D


UNIT 1. Description of a friend.

Rebecca is my best friend and my neighbour, she is 11 years old. She goes to Juan Gonzalez Primary School and she’s very clever. She has a little sister, she is seven years old, her name is Maria.
Rebecca has medium-length brown hair and brown eyes. She is thin and has a normal height for her age. She is very pretty and she hasn’t got any freckles.
Rebecca likes gymnastics, dancing and singing. She likes watching scary movies and meeting her friends. She likes animals. She has had a dog, birds and turtles, and now she has a black and white cat, its name is Koko, it is a very nervous and loving cat.
We have been best friends for many years and I hope we shall stay best friends forever.
By Yasmin Zuiliani Sierra
My best friend is Julia, she is twelve years old. We are friends from the Primary School. We know everything about each other and we share secrets.
She has got long and blond hair and blue eyes. She is average size, but she thinks that she is short. She has clear skin. She is friendly and outgoing.
She likes going shopping, an clothes and she also likes make up and combing her hair. She likes going out with her friends every Friday evening. She likes chatting by Tuenti, and upload her photos with her friends specially with her blacberry mobile. But what she likes the most is dancing. Her favourite food is pizza but she hates pepper.
She likes horror films but she does not like sci fi movies and practises any sport.
By Beatriz Salvatierra