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Welcome to my BLOG!

4° B’s project about the European Union


Click here if you want to read the instructions: English Project 4ºB European Union


Learning different languages is nowadays very important for people . You can find a lot of advantages such as:

  • It’s easier to find a job, companies always want employees to speak two or more languages.
  • It also makes it easier to learn another language.
  • It opens doors to communicate with all sorts of people with different nationalities.
  • You can also help or even teach without difficulty.
  • When you travel you can get your message across.
  • It is also an advantage being able to understand songs, news, books and specially films.
For this reason, as teacher from the English Department at IES Carlos Cano, I want to help my students to learn English in an easier and funnier way, using my Blog to work in the English lessons and at home.
Good Luck!
Mercedes González